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Aug 22, 2019lilypad_1 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This is a very interesting historical fiction about an unusual topic, prehistorical fossil discovery by two English women in the 1800's. It is interesting in the fact that people just then were beginning to wonder about the beginning of the planet along theories that were not biblical- and how upset people were about that thought. You also have the usual discounting of women's thoughts and ideas and keeping them chained to home and hearth and not being able to inherit property or study in universities or attend social event, walk on the sidewalks or listen to a lecture by themselves or risk ruining their reputation. It is also about friendship and sisters relationships and family duties. I loved it although it took a little while to get into and the various collectors names were a bit hard to keep track of and the dialect took a little getting used to. The epilogue title "The reader's patience" made up for the slight difficulties.