In A Day's Work
In A Day's Work The Fight to End Sexual Violence Against America's Most Vulnerable Workers By Yeung, Bernice Book - 2018

Some of the worst human beings are the ones that take advantage of those who are poor and vulnerable, who are often hidden in the shadows or behind closed doors. Bernice Yeung investigated this netherworld, and has written “In a Day’s Work: The Fight to End Sexual Violence Against America’s Most Vulnerable Workers”. This book invites the reader to think about things that most of us never consider. Such as, who picked that apple I am about to take a big bite out of? Or, who emptied the trash and cleaned the floor of the office I am going to enter this morning? What kind of abuse, if any, do these workers have to endure to keep their jobs? Many are in desperate need of any kind of employment and will do what they have to do to keep getting a paycheck. Which makes them vulnerable to all kinds of mistreatment, from being stiffed on pay, to submitting to a deviant supervisor’s desires. Abused workers could simply quit or report the abuse, however, to a person trying to feed and care for a family, quitting or reporting are not always clear options. “In a Day’s Work” makes the point that these abuses should not be considered all “in a day’s work” or in any sense part of the job, and those that do unpleasant but necessary work deserve all of the workplace protections that everyone else has and takes for granted.

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