Mummies The Newest, Coolest & Creepiest From Around the World By Tanaka, Shelley Book - 2005

Review title: Buried Treasure.
*In-depth history of mummies. *How mummies are prepared by nature and how they are prepared by humans is explained in this book. *May be used for a book report or research project on burial practice preparation. *Appropriate for ten to thirteen-year-old students (5th to 8th graders) for social studies or history. * Learn information about the Chinchorro people of South America; Mount Llullaillaco (one of the highest mountains in South America); discoveries in Lima, Peru; a little about the Spanish flu virus; and how mummies assist scientist and archeologists learn of previous civilizations and generations along with valuable health information from mummies. *Learn that scientists & archaeologists are using mummies to avoid future virus attacks and bacteria attacks in the 21st century, this gathering of information is to maintain modern day health. *Learn about the use of natron salt. *So many fascinating facts to keep readers intrigued.

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