Kate The Woman Who Was Hepburn By Mann, William J. Book - 2006

*WARNING* To anyone who is looking to read this book:

As an obsessed Katharine fanatic I feel it's my duty to tell you how false this book is. I read it and it was my first book on Kate; I believed some of it but even them, not knowing anything else it seemed sketchy in places.

After reading it and all of it's "shocking" secrets, I ran to read her autobiography, watch every interview, and read the Biography by A. Scott Berg who was a very close friend of Kate's and writes from a different point of view.

After all of this research (including a video on youtube which actually debunks the entire book with clips of Kate herself saying opposing things) I felt like I had been had.

Mann lies, cheats, and steals his way through a great woman's life and instead of treating her as she should be he sensationalizes and ruins her.

If you want to learn about Kate read HER book. If you're interested in a different take then be my guest and read this but please, please, don't believe or take it as a point of authority.

It's a mockery.

- Olivia -

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