It is so nice to read how much Laura learns and appreciates fully just how exceptional her home life is; how very happy it is in stark comparison to her life when she goes off on her own for the first time, to teach and is boarded in a home with a woman who is mentally unstable and threatens her husband with a knife through the night.

I think until this point in her life, she had rather taken it for granted as she had been unknowingly sheltered from the harsher realities of the world.

It is nice to read of the unfolding (albeit slow) love between her and Almanzo - I do think her shyness shows through in just how little she shares.

It's funny that in this book series she indicates Almanzo is a boy and lied to get his land claim but in fact, he was a full ten years older than Laura and was more her father's friend than her own - which also explains her surprise at him wanting to court her.

I guess she was ashamed of their age gap at at the time she wrote the books. I've seen pictures of them as an old couple and it is really endearing to see such enduring love - they were really meant for each other and lived through a lot together.

I love all of her books and read them over and over but the inaccuracy around Almanzo's age indicates to me there were some things she chose to not write about 100% accurately.

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